Ensuring the Most Ethical, Effective, and Economic Medication Regimes

A comprehensive Drug Utilization Review (DUR) utilizes medical and pharmacy history to evaluate appropriate future medical needs and costs, based on nationally published and accepted standards of care.

The Drug Utilization Review (DUR) will establish baseline evidence to support changes in future treatment, either to taper existing therapy to reduce the potential for drug over-utilization, or to replace existing therapy with more viable medications that adequately address the needs of the injured worker in the most cost-effective manner possible.

  • The Best Care: Ensuring every drug is appropriate for the patient’s conditions and needs.

  • The Best VALUE: Developing economical solutions, including generics.

  • The Best Team: Delivering first-class solutions that are as ethical as they are effective.

DUR Classifications

A DUR is classified as one or a combination of the following categories:

Prospective – Evaluation of the patient’s drug therapy before medication is dispensed.

Concurrent – Ongoing monitoring of the drug therapy during the treatment period.

Retrospective – Review of drug therapy after the medication has been taken.

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