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Medicare Set-Asides (MSA) is a comprehensive cost projection of Medicare covered expenses designed to protect Medicare’s interests when settling a Workers’ Compensation claim. The MSA provides a medical summary that highlights the initial injury description, current treatment protocol, future medical and drug treatment requirements, and the corresponding cost projections for both.

Our team of registered nurses hold MSCC and CMSP certifications and have been trained to produce the highest quality reports to fulfill our clients’ needs. MSA Source identifies gaps in treatment, inconsistencies in projected treatments and legal issues if applicable. We proactively pursue the requisite documents to close those gaps and inconsistencies prior to CMS submission to align the file for an expeditious review and approval process.


Consider an MCP when…

  • … receiving Medicare benefits.

  • … going to to become a Medicare beneficiary within the next 30 months.

  • … receiving SSDI or has applied for SSDI.

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